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FE+ invests in fully automated machinery with brand new laser & welding robot

FE+ is investing in a new more powerful fiber laser cutting machine from LVD. Linked to it is a fully automatic tower plate warehouse. This ensures the constant supply of material, uninterrupted production and efficient organization of plates and pieces.

There is also a new welding robot installation. Focused on welding products from aluminum, steel and stainless steel. With its high flexibility and smart programming solutions, it can quickly switch between different materials. The fastest welding robot on the market with perfect welds.

Brand new demo room under construction!

Laborex is investing in a new demo room. This will allow us to welcome our customers even better. More info to follow soon.

CTEC acquires Kloostertrots!

In June 2022, CTEC acquired the business activities of De Zeeperij, manufacturer of Kloostertrots. A family business since 1984, they have been focusing on the production and sale of artisanal high-quality cleaning and maintenance products with specific applications, for both skin maintenance and professional use.
The delivery range consists of 3 groups:
Floor care, degreasers and specialty products.

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For more than 60 years internationally active as a manufacturer of industrial cleaning machines and blasting cabinets. Specialized in industrial cleaning techniques, we offer environmentally friendly and efficient total solutions in the field of cleaning, degreasing and surface treatment.

Laborex Railway Wastewater Systems

LaborexRail wastewater systems for disposal of railway carriages: from mobile disposal vehicles to complete vacuum supply and disposal networks, vacuum cleaners and cleaning cabinets.


CTEC is an innovative manufacturer of industrial detergents. An in-house laboratory combined with an in-house production line allows us to work in a very varied way and offer an ideal solution to your cleaning problem.


The story of FE+ is one of passion for metal, of drive, know-how and creativity of a strong team. Professionals who breathe new life into the world of custom metalworking. The name FE+ fits perfectly into this picture: iron (ferrum) with a plus, symbolizing the added value we create every day for our professional customers. With success.


Kloostertrots® Artisanal Cleaning Products for high and consistent quality.
Thanks to extensive knowledge of maintenance for natural stone and ceramic floors, we now supply a complete range of pre-treatment and maintenance products of unprecedented quality.

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